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Sustainability WA understand that many architects and builders simply don’t have the time, or resources, to keep on top of constantly evolving energy regulations, which is where Sustainability WA can help.

Our objectives are to help building industry professionals (like yourself) to comply with increasingly complex energy efficiency regulations, while minimizing the impact on building designs, costs and deadlines. After his wife’s difficult pregnancy, Nathan, the owner of Sustainability WA, was looking for a way to work closer to home. The best way to do that was to establish his own home based design practice. While operating this design practice, Nathan found it increasingly frustrating to obtain assistance with energy efficiency and sustainable design issues, so he began investigating and researching the topic himself. Recognizing a gap in the market for unbiased third-party advice on energy efficiency regulations, Nathan left designing behind and Sustainability WA was born. From humble beginnings in the front room of Nathan’s house, Sustainability WA has now grown to a team of 11 people helping building professionals throughout Australia meet their energy efficiency requirements.

This growth has been driven by Nathan and his team at Sustainability WA taking personal pride in every job they do, making sure they are getting the best results for their clients and their client’s client. Apart from making sure that they meet every energy efficiency requirement, Sustainability WA also takes the time to offer free advice, remembering what it was like being a draftsperson looking for answers and not knowing where to go. In fact if you phone Sustainability WA it is still most likely that Nathan will personally answer your call to make sure you are getting the service and answers you deserve. If you need someone who will work along with you and fit in to your team, then call Nathan at Sustainability WA and see how he can help.

Got a question – ask us. We would be happy to talk to you about your individual project requirements.

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