Commercial Energy Ratings

Commercial Energy efficiency or Section J Compliance can be handled quickly and cost effectively by Sustainability WA.

Sustainability WA provide a complete solution including the following:

Section J Building

Part J1 – Building Fabric

Part J2 – External Glazing

Part J3 – Building Sealing

Part J4 – Air Movement

Part J5 – HVAC Systems – CHECKLIST ONLY –  Certification by the Installer/Designer is required by surveyor. Ask us for more information.

Part J6 – Artificial Lighting and Power – Artificial Lighting Calculations and compliance report provided.

Part J7 – Hot Water Supply

Part J8 – Access for Maintenance


To Assist in your compliance call or email to request your fact sheet on commercial energy efficiency.

R Values in the BCA are for System R Values, meaning this is the minimum R Value required combine your building materials with the insulation. These R values are determined by the location of your building project and sometimes the colour and type of construction materials.

When Sustainability WA carries out a Section J, Commercial energy efficiency Report these values are all calculated for you to ensure you know exactly what your project will require.

 Sustainability WA makes energy efficiency easy. Certification is simple for both Residential and Commercial projects.


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