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Energy Rating – Anywhere in Australia

Energy Efficiency Certification is easy, quick and cost affective with Sustainability WA

To obtain a building license from your local council plans need to be certified to show that energy efficiency guidelines have been met.

The easiest way to achieve certification is through Sustainability WA – offers both Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency Certification.

  Residential Energy Ratings There are two ways of achieving this certification:

1. Through an ABSA approved Thermal Performance Assessment. This is the most accurate and flexible method of certification. Your new house or addition will be modeled using sophisticated computer programs. These models will be analyzed and a star rating will be calculated. Minimum for council approval is currently 5 stars, with 6 stars coming into affect from May 2011. This may change depending on State and class of Building. For more information on the new six star regulations SIGN UP for our free report “Are you ready for 6 Star regulations

A certificate will be provided to show your star rating and can be used for council approval, marketing your property for resale and for your own information.

2. Alternatively a “Deemed-To-Satisfy” may be provided. This is essentially a pass or fail of the requirements in the Building Code of Australia. A glazing calculator, ventilation worksheet and other compliance cheeksheets are provided as required by your individual council. Unlike an ABSA certification there is no flexibility in this method and no star rating is provided.

Whichever method you choose Sustainability WA can provide all necessary documentation in a fast friendly manner. Ensuring your project passes the first time every time. Saving you time and money.

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  Commercial Energy Efficiency Reports Sustainability WA provides Section J compliance documentation for Commercial Buildings Our documentation covers the following Sections:

Part J1 – Building Fabric

Part J2 – External Glazing

Part J3 – Building Sealing

Part J4 – Air Movement

Part J5 – HVAC Systems – Checklist only provided to be completed by installer/designer

Part J6 – Artificial Lighting and Power – Artificial Lighting Calculations and Checklist to be completed by installer/designer

Part J7 – Hot Water Supply

Part J8 – Access for Maintenance

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