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JV3 assessments and internal wall insulation

Internal wall insulation on commercial projects can be expensive an inconvenient. Download this factsheet to find out how a JV3 assessment removes the need for insulation between conditioned and non conditioned spaces here.

BCA 2013 Commercial Energy Rating Changes

            Energy efficiency assessments for commercial projects have undergone some changes in the BCA 2013. Although none are major, it is important to ensure you are up to date with the new regulations so you can factor them into your designs. I have provided the in and outs below, but


Our Weekly Power Saving Tips

  Here is our energy saving tips of the week. If you have any you think should be on the list – let us know!     Source:

6-Star Energy Ratings and Ceiling Insulation Penetrations

6 Star Energy Ratings and Ceiling Insulation Penetrations May 1st 2012 is when the minimum star rating required for residential projects will be increased to 6 stars   There has been a lot of work going into investigating the effects this will have on the building industry by Sustainability WA,

6 Star Energy Ratings – The Complete Picture

6-Star energy rating is taking effect in Western Australia on May 1st 2012. The new 6 star energy efficiency regulations are the biggest challenge for builders and architects since the Energy Efficiency regulations were first introduced into the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in 2003. Although it is true, the

How to Read WA House Plans

Plans use several renderings to represent the sections of the building.  The typical legends used in drawings are as follows:   Dimension lines Which consist of a solid line with a mark at either end; space between the two marks equals the distance noted next to the line. Walls Represented

Energy Efficient Lighting PART 2

ECO HALOGENS Of course there are other energy efficient options besides CFLs. Eco halogens provide an advantage over CFLs in that they allow the light to be dimmed, there’s also not that pesky waiting period that CFLs sometimes need to warm up. When it comes to eco-friendliness, standard halogen bulbs

Energy Efficient Lighting PART 1

LIGHTING Electric lighting burns up to 25% of the average home energy budget